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Logo cardboard maxi-letter with personal print Cardboard maxi-letter with personal print

Design your own cardboard maxi-letter with your logo

The cardboard maxi-letter reach the maximum size of a letter (249x49x349 mm), the insight is made of solid corrugated paper. They can be personalized and color printed with the logo of your company. Many people use the cardboard maxi-letter for 3D-mailings, Christmas presents, and for web shop orders. We would be glad to assist you by the design of your own maxi-letter for your company.
Cardboard maxi-letter
Cover oft he maxi-letter: GC2 cardboard 300 g/m²

Insight of maxi-letter : 1.02e

Price and conditions
  • Prices are ex works and do not include 19 % of VAT.
  • Minimum order is 100 Piece.
  • Due to production 10% of overproduction or short delivery can occur.
  • Production time takes about 12 working days up from print approval.
  Plain (white) Color print (CMYK) Colored cardboard  (24 colors) Sample-Download
100 Piece 2,20/Pc. 3,80/Pc. 3,56/Pc.    pdfvl-mb.pdf
200 Piece 1,52/Pc.  €2,46/Pc. 2,57/Pc. 
300 Piece  €1,35/Pc.  €2,09/Pc. 2,34/Pc. 
400 Piece  €1,24/Pc.  €1,90/Pc. 2,23/Pc. 
500 Piece  €1,20/Pc.  €1,79/Pc. 2,27/Pc. 
1.000 Piece  €0,96/Pc.  €1,31/Pc. 1,85/Pc. 
2.000 Piece  €0,80/Pc.  €1,00/Pc. 1,60/Pc. 
3.000 Piece  €0,73/Pc.  €0,89/Pc. 1,49/Pc. 
4.000 Piece  €0,69/Pc.  €0,82/Pc. 1,44/Pc. 
5.000 Piece  €0,68/Pc.  €0,79/Pc. 1,41/Pc. 
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