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We can cut cardboard or paper sheets individually to size. These can be manufactured with or without printing or can also be refined with a variety of finishing options such as film lamination, film embossing or partial high-gloss lacquering.

cardboard sheets

The blanks are often used as insert boxes for film bags or blister packs, as inserts for protection and as an additional information medium for carton packs.

With inserts for foil bags, it is also possible to round the corners of cartons afterwards with a corner rounding machine so that the foil bags do not tear at the corners.

The blanks can also be equipped with round drill holes after cutting.

It is also possible to emboss the carton sheets before cutting with the punching machine and to punch out windows or Euro holes.

Advantages of the cutting process compared to punching are that no punching tool is required and that no holding bars are visible.

There are many options for selecting the right carton. Depending on the requirements for stability, thickness, surface finish or degree of whiteness.

In addition to white cartons, we also have a large selection of solid-coloured coloured cartons, recycled materials or kraft cartons.

It should also be noted that board always has one direction of grain travel and therefore does not soften the same stability in both directions.

If the carton is bent later in its intended use, for example, it makes sense to bend it with and not against the running direction so that no unsightly creases occur.

We are happy to support you in selecting the right carton and the right grain direction for your application.

As slight deviations due to production are possible, we recommend that colour areas and images protrude at least 2 mm above the cutting edge so that no unsightly white flashes are visible during the finished cut.

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