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Colourful Little Boxes Made of Coloured Natural Cardboard

Fine cardboard in 24 different bold colours

The coloured cardboard captivates the observer through its attractive, unpainted natural surface in 24 bold colours. As the fine cardboard is dyed right through, there are no white areas that stick out at the edges compared to printed boxes.



Unfortunately, the coloured cartons can only be printed using the usual processes such as offset printing or digital printing to a limited extent as the process is based on a white paper surface. The best choices are therefore the bright colours such as white, grey or pastel shades.
The printing is less standardised and more difficult to simulate in advance than on conventionally-painted folding boxes. Nevertheless, or for this very reason, particularly attractive printed optic images that stand out in each case from the competition can be produced.

Hot-Foil Embossing

Opaque printing processes are therefore particularly suited to the coloured boxes such as hot-foil embossing with metallic embossed foils.

Blind Embossing

High-relief embossing or deep embossing show up particularly well on the homogeneous undyed surface of the card.

Combination Options


The coloured box can be combined wonderfully with conventionally-printed cardboard boxes such as the green "lid" on the right-hand side or the pink slide-in insert in the centre.
Of course, the colours can also be combined with each other, such as the folding telescope boxes on the left-hand side with the orange lower section and the yellow upper section.
The Christmas calendar in the background with 24 little coloured cube-shaped boxes is particularly colourful.
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