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Acorn to oak: The greatest success stories usually involve small beginnings – and require a lot of heart.

Ebro Color GmbH is founded upon a wealth of experience. It was in the town of Ebingen in 1925 that master typesetter and editor Josef Vögtle fulfilled his dream of running his own printing business by setting up the Vögtle print shop in cramped basement premises. His life was to revolve around the business until the 75th year of his life – not least because he remained actively involved in the printing process in addition to carrying out his management responsibilities.

The acquisition of cylinder printing machines in 1962 represented the zenith of letterpress printing at Vögtle. Engineer Erich Brodbeck took over the successful firm in the same year, and was able to use its solid foundation to continue its success. In 1963 the firm took receipt of the first offset machine to be installed in the Balingen area.

Technological development has always played a key role at our company, and each new innovation has infused our business with fresh potential. One example was the arrival of a two-color machine in 1971 – the first to be installed in the Zollernalb area.

Almost all phases of our company history have been dotted with the introduction of new technology – we fully appreciate the importance of moving with the times.

More space for creative ideas
Technical equipment requires space, and technological progress at Ebro Color has therefore always been linked to increased spatial requirements. Construction of a new, larger complex began in 1973, and was completed in April 1974. The previous premises had reached capacity, and expansion was required in order to keep pace with client requirements. The modern complex created continues to house cutting-edge printing machines and systems to this day.

From the Vögtle print shop to Ebro Color GmbH – specialist in the professional production of folding cardboard boxes
Having successfully moved into its new complex and invested in four-color printing machines, it seemed sensible for the company to find a new name which reflected the new areas of activity this opened up. The name “Ebro Color” was born, and even now continues to grace the most modern in printed goods.

Ebro Color has been a professional manufacturer of folding cardboard boxes since 1984, and has developed into a specialist provider of a wide range of creative, high-quality folding cardboard boxes. One special advantage is the company’s ability to produce small batches starting at 500 units.

The company has constantly adapted itself to market circumstances, and between 1995 and 2009 engaged in a comprehensive program of upgrades and extensions to its fleet of modern Heidelberg printing machines.

2009 saw us invest in a Heidelberg  Speedmaster 52 Anicolor with short inking technology, which delivers significant benefits such as shorter set-up times and improved color consistency. We have not rested on our laurels in the meantime, and in 2011  acquired our  first Heidelberg  Speedmaster CD74 5+L in order to make our production processes even faster and more efficient.

In 2004 we invested in a Zünd plotter for the specific purpose of producing samples for clients and interested parties.

Professional development from initial ideas to print-ready designs
The use of software has become indispensable to the production of modern packaging, and Ebro Color therefore has a range of professional CAD tools at its disposal. This makes it possible for specific client requirements to be incorporated at an early stage in the planning process. The Esko Artios CAD program, for example, facilitates the simultaneous consideration of a variety of different design options. The more precise the spatial illustration of the box layout, the easier it is for clients to visualize the final design prior to the actual printing process – and carry out any modifications required without wasting material.

Perfect organization
Organization is everything. As a result, Ebro Color has developed a comprehensive management system which fulfills the highest quality standards and ensures that work is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Last but by no means least, Ebro Color owes its success to the commitment of its motivated, hard-working employees, who continue to be a driving force behind its strength and development.
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