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If you have one or more products that you would like to present visually appealing and secure in the packaging, then individually adapted die-cut cardboard parts are available. Inserts specially adapted to your product increase the value and attract attention already in the shop shelf, especially if the packaging is provided with a foil window and thus partially or completely open the view of the product.

Another task of the die-cut parts is the fixed locking of bottles and jars, for example from the cosmetics sector, for toys, IT products such as PC mice, remote controls for TV sets and the like.

A very important aspect is the attachment of small parts such as USB sticks, memory cards, connectors and cables. Since these parts are often too small to be placed e.g. in a sales wall with Euro hole suspension, an adapted insert with correspondingly larger outer packaging is unavoidable. The additional advertising space resulting from this should not be underestimated. Slogans, optical colour effects or instructions for use can be accommodated here. To produce inserts and outer packaging economically, it makes sense to print and die-cut both parts together in one operation. To do this, both must be positioned on the die.

Of course, our numerous standard punching tools can be used for the outer packaging and an adapted insert can be created separately.

Special optical effects can be achieved if a different cardboard material such as our solid-coloured fine cardboard is used for the die-cut part.

A clever construction of the inlay can create an extremely stable support that also protects against external shocks.

We also have the possibility to produce flat, i.e. not three-dimensional stamped parts. This ranges from simple only rectangular cut cartons to the most varied shapes. The use of these stamped parts ranges from a base on which the articles are welded with shrink film to inserts in polybags which hang on a sales wall using a saddle rider with Euro perforation. Punched partition walls are often used in our magnetic boxes, for example, to divide the space of the box evenly or asymmetrically.

Die-cut parts can be manufactured from all types of cardboard that we have in stock. Depending on the intended use and customer requirements, coloured fine cartons, fresh fibre, cellulose or recycled cartons are used.

We try to technically implement or even optimise your ideas for die-cut parts.

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