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Flat cardboard bags with euro holes

Flat bags are cardboard packaging for flat objects, which you can have individually printed with your design. The flat bags are manufactured as standard with a closing flap on the top, which can also be omitted, so that the cardboard bag is open on one side. For hanging on self-service stands, the carton pockets are often additionally equipped with a Euro hole on the closure flap. flat bags

Flat bags are often used for:
labels, adhesive dots, rulers

The flat bags can be printed on both sides at no extra cost, as the printing is done on the cardboard blank before punching. The two surfaces of the front and back are then folded together in the folding carton gluer.

There are 2 ways to glue the flat bags. Either we glued on the 2 side edges or at the bottom and one side edge. This can vary depending on the proportion of the flat bag.

For design reasons, some of the flat bags are also manufactured with a closure tab without an insertion mechanism and are then closed with an adhesive point during assembly.

To enable the product to be viewed, we can also replace the carton pockets with cut-outs or film windows. For foil windows we need 15 mm edge around the punching to glue the window foil. Not only square or round windows are possible, but depending on the product, the packaging design can also be shaped.

We will be happy to advise you on the correct design of a flat bag for your product and will send you corresponding white samples for testing.

Flat bags are not only used for very flat products, but sometimes also for products with a height of a few millimetres, since folding boxes with small flaps are often somewhat tricky to close. For this purpose, however, the flat bag must be constructed slightly larger in area than the contents, so that the carton has room to form something out of each other.

Compared to paper bags or paper bags, carton bags are particularly impressive due to their higher stability and the possibility of producing even small runs to size and with their own printing. Paper bags, on the other hand, are difficult to obtain in special sizes and individual printing in small quantities.

In order to increase the value of the packaging even further, we have many finishing options. Here we distinguish between optical refinements that can be seen and haptic refinements that can be felt.

Optical finishes include gloss foil lamination, matt foil lamination, partial gloss effects, metallic foil embossing and much more.

The haptic finishes are particularly in demand for shape embossing (embossing or deep embossing) and soft-touch foil lamination, which creates a velvety surface.

Samples made-to-measure & request offerfor flat bags

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