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flower box icon flower box made of cardboard with personal print

Flower boxes for horticulture and flower shops

Our flower boxes are made of solid cardboard and not of corrugated cardboard.

As they are delivered flat, the cardboards are only 8 mm thick, so they are space saving products easy to store.

The approved cardboard have been through a practical test. They are quickly and easy put together and comfortable to carry flowers from one place to another place.

flower box

Flower boxes for horticulture and flower shops

flower box space saving storageSpace-saving storage

Hundreds of cardboard can be stored together and as they are flat they don’t take a lot of space.

flower box easy set upEasy to set-up

The cardboard can be printed with an assembly instruction. They are easy and quickly put together within seconds.

flower box promotionPromotion

Up to six flower pots can be carried comfortable with the flower box. The client carries the flowers and are doing promotion for your shop at the same time.

flower box recycledRecycled and reusable

The flower box is made of recycled material and can be reused afterwards. Many clients will come back to your shop with the flower box for their next shopping.

Practical testPractical test

The flower shop Krigar has tested the flower box with a lot of success: "The client carries with the flower box not only our products but is also doing promotion for our company. He spreads our slogan in his family, with his friends and literally carries it to events.

Price and conditions

  • Prices are ex works and do not include 19 % of VAT.
  • Minimum order is 100 Pieces.
  • Due to production 10% of overproduction or short delivery can occur.
  • Production time takes about 12 working days up from print approval.

Flower box with „wooden printing“

flower box wooden chest
385 x 285 x 85 mm

GD2 cardboard 500 g/m²

25 Piece 1,62/Pc.
50 Piece  €1,18/Pc.
75 Piece  €0,92/Pc.
100 Piece  €0,81/Pc.
150 Piece  €0,77/Pc.
200 Piece  €0,73/Pc.
250 Piece  €0,69/Pc.
300 Piece  €0,65/Pc.
400 Piece  €0,61/Pc.
500 Piece  €0,57/Pc.
600 Piece 0,53/Pc.
700 Piece 0,49/Pc.
800 Piece 0,45/Pc.
900 Piece 0,42/Pc.
1.000 Piece 0,41/Pc.
1.500 Piece 0,40/Pc.
2.000 Piece 0,39/Pc.
2.500 Piece 0,38/Pc.
3.000 Piece 0,37/Pc.
4.000 Piece 0,36/Pc.
5.000 Piece 0,35/Pc.
6.000 Piece 0,33/Pc.
7.000 Piece 0,32/Pc.
8.000 Piece 0,31/Pc.
9.000 Piece 0,31/Pc.
10.000 Piece 0,30/Pc.

Price list

385 x 285 x 85 mm

GD2 cardboard 500 g/m²

Color print (CMYK) Sample-Download
100 Piece 2,92/Pc.   pdfvl-bk.pdf
200 Piece  €1,84/Pc.
300 Piece  €1,50/Pc.
400 Piece  €1,35/Pc.
500 Piece  €1,28/Pc.
1.000 Piece  €0,78/Pc.
2.000 Piece  €0,52/Pc.
3.000 Piece  €0,44/Pc.
4.000 Piece  €0,39/Pc.
5.000 Piece  €0,36/Pc.
6.000 Piece 0,34/Pc.
7.000 Piece 0,33/Pc.
8.000 Piece 0,32/Pc.
9.000 Piece 0,32/Pc.
10.000 Piece 0,31/Pc.

Samples made-to-measure & request offerfor flower boxes

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