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Cardboard stands with flyer holder and rear-wall advertising space

The flyer stands can be sent flat and are easy to assemble in a few easy steps.

Both the flyer container and the back wall can be printed on. This protrudes from the back of the flyers of Din A6 flyers and can thus be used as additional advertising space or information stands. With Din Lang flyers or folders the back wall is almost completely covered.

flyer stands

Setting up the flyer racks works as follows:

First, the back wall is folded so that the wall thickness is doubled.

Now the standing feet of the flyer container are folded at the scoring lines so that they protrude at a 90° angle.

Afterwards the flap on which the later flyer container hangs is folded around at 2 scoring lines, so that an angular U-shape results.

At the same time, the two stand lances must be threaded through the slots in the rear wall. Now the brochure holder is almost ready and only has to be fixed to the feet by the two small locking straps.

The flyer racks can be folded flat so that they fit into a Din A4 envelope and can therefore be sent cost-effectively as a large letter.

The setup process is very simple and can be carried out by the receiver itself in a few seconds.

The attention for flyers presented in the flyer holder compared to simply displayed flyers is significantly higher and additionally conveys a more professional impression.

The brochure box is often used in practices at the bar or in waiting rooms, in restaurants and bars or for promotional purposes at counters, cash desks and counters.

The main goal in designing the flyer stands is to attract the attention and then the interest of the consumer, so that the flyer is also grabbed. Optionally, a business card compartment could be integrated as well as a mounting for use as a wall brochure holder.

Further information or incentives are then the task of the flyer. Our technology is also happy to support you in creating the print data.

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