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At Ebro Color, responsibility is an important factor well before production begins.

FSC-certified raw materials for products manufactured in an environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and commercially viable way.

Albstadt, August 2011: We see responsibility as an important factor – and one which is to be considered well before production begins. We therefore only use raw materials with proven FSC certification for the production of our folding cardboard boxes. In our eyes, that certification is less a piece of paper than a reflection on our company philosophy.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stands for high-quality raw materials sourced from forests managed in an environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and commercially viable way.

Present around the world, the organization campaigns for the observance of 10 green principles which precisely define responsible forest management. A further 56 good practice criteria expand on those principles. The 10 principles include: compliance with all applicable laws and international treaties; recognition and respect of indigenous peoples’ rights; equitable use and sharing of benefits derived from the forest; respect of worker’s rights; appropriate monitoring and assessment activities to assess the condition of the forest, management activities and their social and environmental impacts  (for further information on the organization and its provisions and criteria, please refer to the FSC-website ).

As an established manufacturer of folding cardboard boxes, we at Ebro Color GmbH are careful to use resources responsibly. We also place great emphasis on both the respectful treatment of production employees and the creation of a humane working environment for them. This includes being able to guarantee them that all of the raw materials they work with are FSC-certified.

Because production is about both results and a sense of humanity.

Ebro Color has been a specialist for folding cardboard boxes since 1984, and is therefore an ideal choice as a professional provider of tailored packaging solutions. The tag of “responsible producer” is nevertheless not earned through product quality alone.

In our view, quality also involves the people behind a product leading respectable, responsible lives and earning a salary which enables them to feed themselves and their families.

Despite the price dumping and excessively low wages of our times, it is not our sole aim to simply offer the cheapest product on the market. Instead, we strive to deliver a high-quality, reasonably priced product which supply-chain stakeholders value and retain in their memory.

Our products are therefore
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