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Gable Boxes Gable Boxes

Cardboard bags with carry handle

Cardboard boxes in bag shape similar to a handbag. Gable Boxes
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Closing options for box bottoms

Interlocking box bottom

Interlocking box bottom This bottom type is both robust and stable. The flaps on each of its 4 sides are folded inwards, interlock and hold each other in place.

Automatic box bottoms

Automatic box bottoms This closure method involves a glued joint and is therefore very sturdy. Filling is quick and easy, as the bottom of the box automatically moves into place when the box is folded out. As a result of the additional  set-up effort involved, automatic box bottoms are only worthwhile from a run of around 2,000 or more units.
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Gable Boxes are often used for:

Cosmetics, promotional gifts

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