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The following machines for processing cardboard are available to us: Printing machines, die-cutting machines, cutting machines, folding box gluing machines, window gluing machines, paper drills and corner rounding machines.

We can print on various materials from paper up to 0.8 mm thick cardboard. In one pass, the carton is printed on one side, so if two-sided printing is desired, two-sided printing is possible. So that both sides look as homogenous as possible after printing, we therefore recommend either a board coated on both sides or uncoated on both sides.

For form die-cutting, an appropriate punching tool must be created. For this we need an EPS or PDF file from you in which the shape of the punched part is defined as a line. You are also welcome to send us your ideas by e-mail or telephone, then our CAD department will take over the implementation of the punch design. If the shape of the die-cut cardboard part is correct, we will send you a plottered white sample for testing.

To create the print design, we provide you with a PDF with the die-cut contour.

You can then use this as a template for designing the print design.

Please note that images or colored areas extend at least 2 mm beyond the die-cut contour so that thin white spots do not appear on the edge in the case of slight production-related differences or due to slight cardboard distortion.

With the form of the punching you are quite free, as long as it is not too difficult and detailed. It should also be noted that individual parts can bend if they become too narrow.

However, such problems can be easily tested in advance using the white sample.

For larger runs, we have the option of automatically breaking out cut-outs, such as windows or Euro holes in the machine, so that this no longer has to be done manually afterwards.

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