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Hang Tabs are fixed onto plastic bags as a means of sealing, hanging and providing information. We manufacture saddle labels according to your specific dimensions and with die-cut euro holes. The icing on the cake: We won’t charge you tool costs! hang tabs

The hang tab, also called hanging label or saddle label, fulfils several tasks simultaneously: stable and yet simple mounting, closure of polybags and advertising or information sign.

Thanks to the standardised perforation (Euro perforation), the holder fits any perforated wall at the point of sale, whether with a double bracket or only with a pin. Due to the production-technically flat-lying printing, an information board on both sides is created by folding, and the Eurohole suspension also becomes more stable and benefits from the double material thickness.

The folding makes the saddle label a very tear-resistant and extremely load-bearing holder. Our flexible die-cutting tools, which we keep ready for saddle labels, enable almost any label size in millimetre steps. An asymmetrical format can also be selected, for example, with the rear side longer than the front side. This constellation is required if a lot of information is to be written on the packaging, so you may be able to save yourself an additional internal instruction manual. The shapes are usually rectangular. As special gimmicks, however, any shapes can be punched with a specially made punching tool, zigzag stars, arrows or product-related elements should be mentioned here.

The most commonly used cardboard for tags with print is our GC2 fresh fibre board. Cellulose board coated on both sides is suitable for paper riders and paperboard riders that are also to be printed on the inside, and if very strong forces act on the punching, kraft board can be used.

The most commonly used locking technique is stapling. Here, both wings of the saddle label are stapled together with the polybags, quickly and easily.

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