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hexagonal boxes icon Hexagonal boxes

Cardboard packaging with hexagonal top and bottom

The boxes are an eye-catcher because of their unusual shape.

Hexagonal boxes are particularly popular for round products such as bottles, cans, rolls or jars

The boxes are easy to set up. First the flat body is formed into a hexagonal tube and then the two flaps of the cover flaps are inserted between the dust flaps.

hexagonal boxes

Hexagonal boxes are often used for:
olive oil, piccolo, glasses, cups, spray cans

A hexagonal box can be printed all around on all 6 sides as well as on the two head surfaces.

For heavier products, it is recommended to equip the bottom with a plug-in bottom instead of with the insertion flap or to fix the bottom flap with a glue point.

Usually all 6 sides of the box are the same size. However, it is also possible to make the size of the front and rear side larger or smaller compared to the lateral surfaces.

Filling the hexagon box is relatively quick. The printed boxes are folded for shipping. They are delivered flat but already glued to the "hose" at one point.

First, the hexagonal shape must be formed manually on the basis of the creasing edges so that the floor can be closed. The product can then simply be filled in from above and is closed with the lid flap.

The challenge for the print design for hexagonal boxes is greater than for cubic packaging due to the more complex three-dimensionality, but offers a wide range of design possibilities. Creative, can be played with the fact that the box has no front side and can therefore be specifically designed around it.

The six-point box is also popular for flat products, which can then be rolled in and compactly packaged.

It is recommended to use more stable board grades for hexagonal boxes, e.g. GC2 400 g/m² chromo board or kraft board.

It is also possible to vary the lid closure of the hexagonal boxes.

For gift boxes, for example, a rosette closure or a tapered shape can also be realised.

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