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Advice on folding boxes

hinged cardboard boxes icon Hinged cardboard boxes

Wide opening for maximum impact

Like a chest, the hinged box is opened from above, so that the contents are presented attractively. The folding boxes can be printed on all 6 outer sides. In addition, a flap is folded inwards from the front so that the bottom of the hinged box can also be printed without extra charge.

If the inside of the cover is also to be printed, a second printing pass is necessary. We would be happy to make you an offer.hinged cardboard boxes

Hinged cardboard boxes are often used for:
pens, markers, jewellery, candles, cutlery

The hinged boxes are set up by first folding the four small corner flaps at an angle of 90° and then folding the front and rear creases adjacent to the floor at an angle of 90°. Then the lateral tabs on the left and right can be cramped over it.

The packaging is fixed in which the large bottom flap is also crammed over it from the front. Now the hinged box can be filled and then closed with the large lid flap. The lid flap has a small closure tab that locks into a recess in the front wall of the box.

To make the box look attractive, the dimensions of the box should not be too small and the height (filling height) should be at least 2-3 cm.

The hinged-lid boxes are not suitable for shipping and for very heavy products. Our folding boxes, inverted boxes or sliding boxes are to be preferred.

For fixing or dividing your products in the box, we also manufacture inlays, compartments or inlay blanks. The best thing to do is to email us a sketch of how the products should be fixed or send us product samples so that we can adapt the inlay exactly to your product samples. To test the box, we will be happy to send you a white sample in your desired dimensions and with an individual insert. You are also welcome to tell us your wishes and ideas about your packaging by telephone.

When designing the print design, make sure that the 4 side surfaces are aligned with the underside towards the floor. The underside of the hinged lid should face towards the closing flap. Then no side is upside down when the boxes are set up. Otherwise the design of the folding boxes is relatively simple, as the box offers 6 beautiful smooth sides to design. The folding box is popular as a sample box / folding box, for promotional gifts or promotions.

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