Success through packaging - our slogan

Tailor-made boxes and packaging made of solid cardboard

Directly from the manufacturer

Advice on folding boxes

Success Stories

Perfect French Nails - from a box

Jewellery boxes for the beauty industry

Whatever makes you beautiful deserves a beautiful container

JulyMarge Verpackung 3

A holiday in a box – the Bavarian Forest holiday voucher

When the contents deliver on the packaging promise

Bayerwald Gutschein Verpackung

Organic teas from JACK&JO

The natural taste of teas from around the world in a colourful guise

The natural choice of box for nature's riches

Jack Jo Schachteln

Packaging that makes the most of the message

The t-shirt in the cardboard box: square, colourful, bold

A box fit for a t-shirt


Organic cosmetics in a stylish design
Red Dot Award 2013 for reduced packaging sends a clear message

Cosmetics manufacturer Aqua Organic

acqua 2

Bound by tradition

How the smell of roses came to be packaged in a folding box

Indulging the senses

louis jumpelt louis jumpelt

When the sand flows upwards

Absolutely no contradiction: Something unexpected packed up totally neutral

paradox 1paradox 2

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Ebro Color GmbH
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72458 Albstadt
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