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Perfect French Nails - from a box

Jewellery boxes for the beauty industry

Whatever makes you beautiful deserves a beautiful container

Cared-for hands make a good impression. For women, nails complete the look. French nails, which contrasts a white nail tip with otherwise pink nails, are a classic look, but one that is difficult to achieve by yourself. This is why Jovana Vatralj, after what felt like an interminable number of nail sessions, invented a practical painting device for her mother Maja Vatralj. The device, originally designed for home use, soon became a hit on TV under the name Beli-Luu and is now an established cosmetic product.

As Beli-Luu is reusable, it is supplied in a cardboard box with a telescope lid that is easy to open and close. The design is by Maja Vatralj and the boxes are produced by folding box manufacturer Ebro Color. The bottom section of the telescope box is completely black and the top is white. The box is printed with the Beli-Luu word mark in a glossy finish. The word mark is also shown in a small cursive pink font that creates a pattern on the white cover.

JulyMarge Verpackung 3

A holiday in a box – the Bavarian Forest holiday voucher

When the contents deliver on the packaging promise

In an era when people seem to have everything, present buying is not easy. But vouchers could be one solution. We are all familiar with the traditional types of voucher you can spend in well known stores, but vouchers for events or trips are also becoming increasingly popular. These are usually restricted to a single provider, however, which can greatly limit the recipient's options. This is one of the reasons why Siegfried Putz from the advertising agency Tourismus-Marketing Bayerischer Wald e.K. in Perlesreut came up with the idea of a voucher that would be valid for the entire Bavarian Forest region. One of its main benefits is that it is not limited to one provider. The Bavarian Forest voucher can be redeemed in over 200 hotels and guest houses in the Bavarian Forest, the Upper Palatinate Forest and the neighbouring Bohemian Forest.

Bayerwald Gutschein Verpackung

Organic teas from JACK&JO

The natural taste of teas from around the world in a colourful guise

The natural choice of box for nature's riches

Two Spice is a Swiss company with over 600 employees, which for the past 26 years has been delivering a variety of different product ideas in the catering industry. The company is guided by two key principles: firstly, its products and services must be of the highest possible quality. Secondly, they must create a very special ambiance in which both staff and guests feel at ease. In the company's restaurants, which go under the name JACK&JO, the focus is on fast food as part of a healthy, nutrition-conscious diet. This style of catering is known as: "Slow Fast Food".

To enable their guests to take a piece of this "feel-good" atmosphere back home with them, JACK&JO created a range of teas, which come in nine varieties. Visually – thanks to the packaging – they match the JACK&JO brand concept perfectly. The natural appearance of the cartons from manufacturer Ebro Color reflects the nature of the product. Two Spice assigned a different colour to each of the teas, and this is used for the upper half of the boxes. Customers can see at a glance the diversity of the product range, which is sourced from the different growing regions of the world.

Jack Jo Schachteln

Packaging that makes the most of the message

The t-shirt in the cardboard box: square, colourful, bold

A box fit for a t-shirt

ac-labelA friendship spanning decades, a shared passion for fashion and design, and an inspired idea. In early 2015, all of these factors culminated in a joint start-up called AC Label after its founders, Alessandra and Clarissa. The first product from the two women, who are both natives of Rome, was an evergreen classic: a t-shirt. They launched their business in the summer of 2015 with five different models.

Because competition in the fashion industry is so fierce, the co-founders were anxious to differentiate their label from others right from the very beginning. They therefore focused their attention not just on the products, but on the entire brand experience. And here, packaging plays a pivotal role. It is also an area where AC Label dares to be different: every shirt comes in a square cardboard box in a colour chosen to match the statement being made by that particular t-shirt. The boxes all include a white slipcase with a curved edge showing the name and size of the shirt.

Organic cosmetics in a stylish design
Red Dot Award 2013 for reduced packaging sends a clear message

Cosmetics manufacturer Aqua Organic

acqua 2Cosmetics manufacturer Aqua Organic produces high-quality organic cosmetics. As well as producing cosmetics, this small company, which employs around 10 people, runs the Aqua Medical Spa, an institute for holistic medicine and wellness in Munich.

The Aqua Organic cosmetic brand has been in existence since 2009. The company places great importance on the use of natural, mostly organic, ingredients in the development of its products. For Aqua Organic, a contemporary visual identity plays an essential role in differentiating its products from other natural cosmetics brands. It successfully achieves this aim with the straightforward, clean-cut packaging of its cosmetic products, which in 2013 gained the prestigious "Red Dot Design Award". Acqua Organic has always obtained its packaging from folding box manufacturer Ebro Color.

Bound by tradition

How the smell of roses came to be packaged in a folding box

Indulging the senses

Exactly 170 years after Louis Jumpelt opened his perfumery and soap factory in Dresden, his great-granddaughter Susanne Jumpelt re-established the family tradition, which had been temporarily suspended, when, on 20 July 2016, she launched her first soap collection under the "Louis Jumpelt" name. To create her fine scented soaps, she collaborated with designers from Milan. The fragrances come from Grasse, the capital of perfume, and production is carried out in Lorraine by a famous soap manufacturer who also produces for leading exclusive brands.

louis jumpelt louis jumpelt

When the sand flows upwards

Absolutely no contradiction: Something unexpected packed up totally neutral

The matching box for the paradoxical hourglass

That sand or other colourful liquids flow upwards in an hourglass is not usual. That is surprising, makes people think about it and raises different associations. The producer of advertising medium M.A.P.S. takes advantage of these effects, which its paradoxical hourglass evokes. Clients from different sectors appreciate it as a high quality promotional gift to represent the unusual, extraordinary part of their product or service.

If the gift is to develop, it needs a free view at the hourglass. The timekeepers are packed in a cardboard box with a big window at the front side. The packaging offers at the same time a reliable protection for the promotional gift. At the rear of the white folding box, there is enough space for the printing of a logo, pictures or text of the client who wants to use the hourglass.

paradox 1paradox 2
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