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Advertising space with rear-mounted stand flap and hanging mechanism

Simply undo the perforation on the back and snap in the installation leg.

The individually printed light poster can already be set up.

The light posters are popular advertising media in shop windows, on retail shelves or on tables and counters.

The light posters are available in all common DIN formats in both landscape and portrait formats: Din A5, Din A4, Din A3

lightweight posters

The lightweight posters can be sent inexpensively by post when flat and can then be set up by the recipient and used for advertising in just a few easy steps.

Offer the retail trade a useful additional form of advertising for your product. Lightweight posters are a perfect complement to product packaging and can convey information and emotions directly at the point of sale, making them an additional professional salesperson for your product.

Often it is small things that help your product to get a more prominent position in the retail trade. A light poster that describes an innovation, for example, is a good argument for highlighting your product in retail.

The standing poster can be printed on the front as well as on the back and can also be refined with special effects such as partially glossy surfaces or e.g. gold foil embossing or silver foil embossing. For protection in case of special demands, the standing posters can also be equipped with a glossy film lamination or matt film lamination.

On the front you have a beautiful large area to design, which is at the optimum viewing angle to the customer due to the slight inclination to the rear. The back can be used for additional training for the retail trade and thus communicate useful additional sales arguments for your product.

When selecting the size, you should consider the space available for your typical customer clientele. It is also practical if the light poster fits into the shipping packaging of your products, then there are no additional postage costs. Often a large light poster is used for the shop window and even a smaller one, which then stands with the product.

When designing, it is recommended that a 2 mm trim is provided around the front. Otherwise white stripes may appear at the edge of the poster due to minor production-related stand shifts, which can quickly be perceived as annoying.

You can also increase your sales success by attaching a seasonally suitable poster in A4 format to your regular information or catalogue mailings. This gives retailers the opportunity to present their product optimally adapted to the season.

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