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How the smell of roses came to be packaged in a folding box

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Customer story Louis Jumpelt Dresden Susanne Jumpelt

Bound by tradition

How the smell of roses came to be packaged in a folding box

Indulging the senses

Exactly 170 years after Louis Jumpelt opened his perfumery and soap factory in Dresden, his great-granddaughter Susanne Jumpelt re-established the family tradition, which had been temporarily suspended, when, on 20 July 2016, she launched her first soap collection under the "Louis Jumpelt" name. To create her fine scented soaps, she collaborated with designers from Milan. The fragrances come from Grasse, the capital of perfume, and production is carried out in Lorraine by a famous soap manufacturer who also produces for leading exclusive brands.

The packaging is supplied by Albstadt-based folding box manufacturer Ebro Color, who worked with Susanne Jumpelt to create a cardboard box that would do justice to her premium made-in-Dresden soaps. The centrepiece of every soap box is a reproduction of the historic original label with gold-embossed emblem that is printed on each box. It takes the customer back to a long-forgotten time. This visual journey in time is supported by the subtle floral and rose scents that waft from inside the boxes and quickly fill the room.

louis jumpelt
A folding box with a historic label: this scented soap has a long history.

A piece of sweet-smelling history from Dresden

Susanne Jumpelt's great grandfather, August Ludwig Louis Jumpelt, was only 25 years old when he established a perfume and soap factory in Dresden that would be run as a family business for three generations. The family business was closed on the death of Otto Louis Jumpelt, Susanne's grandfather in 1960. Susanne was left with only a few heirlooms such as bottles, labels, price lists, sales ledgers and some of the original packaging. Inspired by these artefacts, she decided to follow in the footsteps of her family. She happened to come across some historic recipes and designs, and she used as a model and source of inspiration in the development of her soaps. Her work resulted in the development of two very high-quality soaps, one with the fragrance of roses and another with a floral scent. Each fragrance is packaged in a different box.

In recreating the old brand, Susanne was keen to create a direct link with the past. The connection to the historic city of Dresden and the headquarters of Louis Jumpelt plays an extremely important role here. This is why each bar is embossed with an image of the Dresden Frauenkirche. To differentiate her product from the many tourist products using the same motif, Susanne decided not to use it on the packaging itself. Instead she chose original labels by well-known artists of the time. This emphasises the exclusivity of the product and makes a visual connection with the long history of the family business.

In its time, Louis Jumpelt was an international company that distributed its products all over Europe. This is evident in the old labels, which were written in three languages. "Now, tourists visiting Dresden from all over the world can once again take Dresden-made scented soaps back home with them," says Susanne. They are currently available at a selected number of outlets in Dresden – in certain exclusive hotels, for example, in the Schloesserland-Sachsen museum shops, and in luxury souvenir shops in the main railway station and at the Frauenkirche.

louis jumpelt
Soap box by Ebro Color: historic labels help to bring a long family tradition up-to-date.

A special folding carton from Albstadt

Susanne Jumpelt happened upon Albstadt-based folding carton manufacturer Ebro Color quite by chance when she was walking round the Cosmetic Business exhibition in Munich in 2015. She was immediately impressed by the friendly and helpful approach of the Ebro Color team. Six months later, when she was about to start designing her packaging, she contacted Ebro Color again. Susanne was taken by the enthusiasm and exceptional service of the Swabian family concern: "They suggested send me a custom-made white cardboard box sample. That was brilliant!" Swabian companies have a reputation for being solid, and that appeals to her. "You know where you stand. It just feels right." Susanne paid two visits to Albstadt to collaborate with Ebro Color on the design of her exclusive folding boxes, which eventually went into production in June 2016.

These were drawer boxes in four different colours and with four different historic labels. The original labels were photographed and, with the aid of modern printing technology, printed on the boxes with a slight embossing effect. In order to retain the aspect ratio of the old lithographs, getting the box size right was crucial. But they needed a box that would hold and protect the soaps. The octagonal shape of the soap is supported in a die-cut inlay in the same colour as the box.

Susanne Jumpelt's packaging design (and her web site) were inspired by the Pantone "Colour of the Year", which is actually a blend of two shades: Serenity, a cool, tranquil blue and Rose Quartz a warm pink. There is also another box design in a bright, fresh shade of green and one in a deeper shade of pink. The cardboard box is embellished with gold foil stamped embossing. The Louis Jumpelt brand name appears above each label, with the historic reference to "Dresden - 1846" in gold below the label. The corporate emblem, which is positioned on the upper and lower side of the outer box, is also printed in gold.

One of the benefits of the drawer box is that it allows all the required information about the contents of the soap to be printed on the back of drawer. There is still space on the back of the outer box for an informative description of the product and a picture of the Frauenkirche.

louis jumpelt
Cardboard box in soft pink: the box conceals a similarly delicate fragrance.

A tradition with a future

Just two days after launching the product, Susanne had already shipped 300 bars of her newly created soaps. "The feedback is positive. Everyone thinks the product is wonderful," says the young entrepreneur, who is still working part-time to bring the old family business back to life. She even manages the entire sales and distribution process. One of Susanne's first customers was Sarah Franke, the assistant manager of Dresden Tourist Information. She said that when she received her package it felt "a little bit like Christmas. At first I was a bit sceptical, but then when I saw the high quality packaging, I was delighted. And the soap was really nice. I can imagine that we might set up a sales stall to sell it."

A particular high point was the reaction of the sales advisor at their French soap manufacturer, who was so impressed with the packaging that she wanted to take some of the soaps with her in September to show at the Luxe Pack luxury goods packaging exhibition in Monaco. "I was thrilled when she told me that," says Susanne.

There have also been many requests for soaps based on other tourist attractions and there is no lack of old lithographs upon which to base possible designs. However, Susanne would prefer to wait for her first scented soap collection to become established before tackling new projects with Ebro Color.

louis jumpelt
Louis Jumpelt, founded in July 1846: the family-owned company Susanne Jumpelt brought back to life in 2016.

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