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Ebro Color GmbH presents its new corporate design

Success through packaging: eye-catching - tempting - convincing

Albstadt, August 2011: Ebro Color GmbH adopts a fresh new design, new slogan and new product symbols.

Ebro Color GmbH has been an expert provider of professional packaging solutions since 1984. Its new corporate design aims to improve communication of this and other company strengths to clients and interested parties.


As well as highlighting the broad spectrum of color options available right across our range of packaging products, our new logo is designed to underline the fact that packaging is varied, by no means boring and without doubt an excellent means of attracting customer attention. The multi-colored, three-dimensional cube symbolizes a product portfolio which covers everything from standard items to the most outlandish in packaging designs.

Creatively designed packaging can be developed for products of all types, and is a key method of convincing customers to buy.

Think about the effect a beautifully wrapped, lovingly selected gift can have on the person who receives it. This gives you an initial idea of the type of impact professional packaging design can have on customers.

Packaging can engender emotions which become intrinsically associated with the product and reinforce the message to be communicated to the customer. In addition to color, the way in which packaging is shaped and folded also has a part to play in this, and with cardboard as a base material there is an infinite range of unique options to choose from.

Packaging as a product marketing tool

Packaging is a key element of product marketing. In addition to performing a protective function, it is also the first part of the product that the customer sees. It takes just a matter of seconds for them to decide whether “to buy or not to buy”, and appropriate, expressive packaging is therefore just as important as the product itself – particularly as it gives customers a taste of the quality of its contents.

One material – a multitude of possibilities

Our varied product portfolio covers almost every potential application scenario, and shows our clients just how versatile paper and cardboard can be. From product packaging and sleeves to display items, we are always open to new ideas and demanding requirements from our clients.
This diversity is reflected in our new corporate design, with quadratic product symbols used to ensure clarity and ease of navigation on our redesigned website. In addition, these product symbols are designed to enable visitors to quickly find what they are looking for – and that is the right packaging for their specific requirements.

The key to success – “Success through packaging”
We believe that packaging is the key to success for both us and our clients.
We are firmly convinced that packaging which is both creative and a good match for the product it contains can have an irresistible effect on customers. In particular, it needs to communicate the message of that product as effectively as possible during three important phases:

Eye-catching: The product stands out from the crowd.

Tempting: Specific emotions are engendered in customers.

Convincing: The product benefits communicated convince customers that the product they have in their hands is just what they are looking for.


The role of a sales assistant is not only to promote a product, but also to communicate the emotions associated with it (“emotion marketing”). Our versatile, made-to-measure packaging enables them to achieve both of these goals.

It is against this backdrop that we have decided on the following new slogan: Success through packaging – eye-catching / tempting / convincing
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