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Attractive packaging for gifts and give-aways

he eye-catching shape of the pillow boxes is an aesthetic eye-catcher. The boxes are inexpensive and easy to close. The required dimensions of the cushion box are somewhat difficult to determine due to the curved shape. It is therefore highly recommended that you first request a sample of a pillow box in your desired dimensions and test its usability.pillow boxes

The packing of pillow boxes is particularly simple and very fast.

Pillow boxes are often used for:
promotional gifts, T-shirts, gift packaging, giveaways

First, the flap with the finger recess must be folded inwards on one side, as a result of which the pillow box already bulges up. Then fold the other tab over it without a finger hole. One side of the pillow box is thus already closed and the packaging can be filled with the product. Now we close the still open side. Also first the tab with the fingerhole and then the tab without the fingerhole. This is often done the other way around. However, this order is recommended because the outer tab can be opened without any problems anyway, but the inner tab is somewhat difficult to open if there is no fingerhole to open.

Due to its beautiful shape, the pillow box is also often used as product packaging. However, it should be noted that the pillow boxes are somewhat less efficient than cuboid boxes due to the curvature on both sides during shipping.

It should also be borne in mind that the pillow boxes need an additional display to hold them in place when they are placed on the shelf.

It can be printed on the front and back as well as all four lateral closure flaps.

The inner closure flap with the finger hole is very suitable for creating an aha effect at the customer with a hidden message after opening. For example, you can thank them for their purchase or refer to other online offers.

The printed and unprinted pillow box can also be made open on one side (without closure). This is a popular packaging for sandwiches, pizza baguettes or apple pockets. It is recommended to let the box protrude further on the underside than on the top, so that a kind of small paper plate is created here.

If the printed pillow box is to be used as a gift box, it is recommended to use a solid-coloured colour box. Here we have 24 different colours in our program.

The colour board looks particularly noble in connection with a screen printing or foil embossing.

Samples made-to-measure & request offerfor pillow boxes

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