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Due to their comparatively simple manufacturing process, notebooks are among the cheapest but also one of the most interesting packaging options. Their range of application extends from voucher packaging and give-aways to disposable packaging with tamper-evident closure or brochure folder.plug cases icon

Plug cases are often used for:
patches, sewing kits

As standard, they consist of a base area with one folding sash on each side. However, there are hardly any limits to the variety here, because in the production of this packaging, the mechanical feasibility of gluing does not have to be taken into account, because nothing is glued!

Everything is just plugged in - usually with an insert tab on the broad side, with larger insert folders it can be quite times 2 tabs, which then ensure the safe closing. The closures can be provided with securing re-hooks, or - if the slip case is not only to be used for packaging but also for storage - also with tabs, which do their job even after opening and closing several times.

In contrast to a folding box, a pencil case does not require any depth. These are very well suited for packaging a voucher, for example, or - in line with the trend - to become a voucher yourself. The actual information then lies inside and the effect of unpacking and the associated tension occurs. Further areas of application are the packed handing over of EC cards or membership cards, either only inset or with a specially manufactured lock. The slip case serves as protective packaging and can also be written on with personalized data at the same time.

However, it is also possible to give it'depth'. For this purpose, webs are folded according to your specifications or the requirements of the product to be packaged. By extending the inwardly folded flaps, a product holder can also be created without the need for a separate insert.

Plug-in folders are also well suited as shipping packaging for catalogues, brochures, invitations, as compliance with postal specifications and the associated port savings are well feasible here.

Depending on shape, carton selection, print design and possibly additional finishing, these slipcases can be used in many different ways to create chic packaging. With the right choice of board, such as our cellulose board coated on both sides, the inside of the slipcase can also be printed over its entire surface.

Additional finishing wishes such as lamination with matt, glossy or soft-touch foil, hot-foil stamping in a wide range of colours or high and blind embossing are conceivable... there are almost no limits to the variety.

Thanks to the flat delivery, the slipcases can be stored in a space-saving manner and yet are erected and assembled in the shortest possible time.

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