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POS (point of sale) boxes or counter displays offer an attractive presentation of the contents and can be completely sealed for storage and dispatch.

The cardboard cut-out on the back wall can be in any shape and can therefore be optimally adapted to the print design.

To ensure that as much of the product as possible can be seen in the advertising display, parts of the side surfaces and the front can be cut off at a perforation.pos boxes

POS boxes are often used for:
product displays, advertising displays, flyer displays

The printed counter displays have a slanted perforation line at the sides and a straight perforation line at the front.

As a result, the upper part of the front side and the two side surfaces on the perforation line can be separated.

Thus, there is a clear view of the products in the display - from the front as well as from the side.

On the floor, the counter displays can be equipped with a plug-in shelf or an automatic shelf.

The plug-in floor is cheaper and is particularly recommended for short runs.

For longer runs and particularly heavy contents, it makes sense to use an automatic floor, as it is more stable and faster for setting up the printed counter displays.

Basically, it is better to make the counter displays a little narrower in proportion and longer at the back so that they do not take up so much space on the shelf.

The deeper the box is, the larger the back plate of the counter displays, as this serves as the lid of the cardboard packaging when closed.

As standard we use a GC2 chromocarton in a surface weight of approx. 300 g/m² to 400 g/m² for the counter displays. The filling depth and filling height is flexible and can also be produced for documents in DIN format.

For heavier products, however, it may also make sense to use more stable materials with particularly high basis weights or, for example, a kraft board.

Since most purchase decisions are made in the shop at the POS, the counter displays have a very special significance in the marketing mix and are therefore also called silent sellers.

The primary task of the counter display and counter displays is to attract the customer's attention.

Afterwards the customer must be convinced of the product by means of pictures, graphics and texts.

Well-designed counter displays ensure that the products are optimally presented at the point of sale at all times.

You are also welcome to send us samples of your products, then we will adapt the counter display exactly to your needs.


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