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Postal Boxes with hinged lids

Sturdy printed cardboard boxes with double side walls for 3D mailings and postage. The folding boxes are closed on the underside of the front. The closure can be opened at a finger hole and the lid flap can then be opened in a visually appealing manner.postal boxes

Postal Boxes are often used for:
mailing, promotional gift, shipping packaging

The folding boxes, also called postal boxes, can be printed on all 6 outer surfaces and 4 inner surfaces at no extra charge. Particularly attractive for the design is also the printing on the inside of the floor area. In this way, additional information can be printed which only appears after the content has been removed, such as "Thank you for your order" or information about other products.

The folding boxes are delivered flat to save space and can then be set up as follows: First, the 4 small corner flaps are folded at a 90° angle. Then the front and rear grooved edges of the floor surface are folded upwards so that the two lateral tabs can be cramped inwards.

Now the large front bottom flap is crimped over it and the bottom container of the folding box is fixed.

Now the box can be filled. For closing, the two side flaps on the lid are folded inwards. So that these thread between product and side flaps when closing the lid flap. The folding box can now be closed with the small cardboard locking tab on the lid.

The mailbox and storage box can also be equipped in the lid with a foil window or a cut-out, for example for the address field.

To fix your product in the postal box, we also manufacture cardboard dividers and inserts. For this we need a sketch of the product or better still an original sample that we can adapt the inlay exactly to it. So that you can test the suitability of the shipping packaging with insert, we create a plotted box sample from the original carton for you.

In order to additionally increase the attention for your product as well as the conveyed value, we also have the possibility to refine the foldable mail boxes with different printing processes such as drip-offset printing, screen printing or foil embossing. For example, shiny, metallic or haptic effects can be achieved. In addition, the printed image can be pimped onto the collapsible container by embossing the logo, for example.

Depending on the weight and purpose of the box, we recommend other cardboard materials. Therefore, please also indicate the weight of the contents when making your enquiry. The boxes can also be covered with matt film, glossy film or soft-touch film as additional protection for mailing.

We would be happy to advise you on these and other topics by telephone or e-mail.

Samples made-to-measure & request offerfor postal boxes

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