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It glitters everywhere – not only at Christmas time

Present boxes from Ebro Color in golden and silver

At Ebro Color it glitters everywhere in the production hall. Here and there you will see a pile of shining silver prepared cardboards and golden samples lying around. The Christmas preparations started long time ago at the factory of the packaging producer.

The new boxes in silver and golden, which are produced at the factory since October 2015, are not only made for the Christmas period. On the contrary! The general manager of the company German Brodbeck explains: „Our cardboard packaging in golden and silver indicate that there is a high quality product specially wrapped in the inside of the box.

Especially in the retail trade people are looking for an attractive and elegant packaging easy to handle: “A scarf looks nicer when it’s wrapped in a silver pillow box. It is also easier and quicker to put it in a nice box than to wrap it in wrapping paper. It is the same for any other article of clothing or personal hygiene. The products look better and it makes a better impression when they are wrapped in a golden box. Also if you are looking for a present box for promotional gifts, they look better in a golden and silver packaging. „This is the reason why the silver and golden boxes with a metallic shining film lamination are a nice product to offer all over the year and not only at Christmas time.” says German Brodbeck to end his statement.

Thanks to the large amount of feedback the company gets from clients, Ebro Color knows that a lot of people keep especially beautiful boxes to reuse them at another time. „ A beautiful present box is a sustainable alternative to wrapping paper, as people like to recycle them in their individual and creative way“, says Mr. Brodbeck the general manager of the company. „ The boxes also make children happy as they are very creative when it comes to recycle the present boxes. “

Clients, who like the touch of glamour the packaging offers, can use the boxes at long term and order them with their own logo. Gold and silver film laminating will be put on the cardboard and the logo will be added with high-relief embossing.

You can order the present boxes in our standard size up from an order of 100 piece directly online. Of course it is possible for us to produce on special requests. You can order the boxes in your individual size and form.

gold silber cardboard boxes
It’s all shiny: with the boxes from Ebro Color with metallic shining film lamination in silver or golden, it glitters all the year.

present boxes in golden and silver 2
Look how beautiful it glitters! High quality boxes in golden and silver. You can use the elegant boxes more often than just one-time!

pillow present boxes in golden and silver
Are the glamourous boxes only a nice present box during Christmas time? Of Course not! The stylish pillow boxes in silver and golden are a lovely wrapping solution all the year round.

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