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Advice on folding boxes

Print Finishing

Visual and haptic finishing options for folding cardboard boxes

Emulsion Coatings

We recommend that all cardboard packaging be emulsion-coated as this significantly reduces the risk of scratching and abrasion.

Various types of emulsion coating are available:
  • matt finish (low sensitivity to scratching)
  • semi-matt finish (medium sensitivity to scratching)
  • brilliant finish (high sensitivity to scratching)
  • high-gloss finish (medium sensitivity to scratching)

It should be noted that many printer inks used to apply best-before dates or batch numbers are not permanent when applied onto an emulsion coating. In such cases, these parts need not be coated.


Foil Lamination

In this process, wafer-thin foil is stuck onto the cardboard for protection and in order to achieve a visual effect. If the cardboard box is intended to look especially silky, for example, matt foil lamination offers an attractive matt surface while retaining high resistance to rubbing. If an especially shiny appearance is desired, shiny foil is used.

UV Silk-Screen Varnishing

In silk-screen varnishing, thicker coats can be applied. For example, very high-gloss spot-coating can be applied which can also be felt by touch.
As with our sample cube, this effect can be applied to matt foil lamination in a particularly attractive manner.


Matt and Gloss Effects

A combination of matt printing varnish and high-gloss emulsion varnish can highlight some shiny sections of the printed area whilst remaining sections assume a more subtle matt look. This effect is not as powerful as embossing varnish but can be achieved at low cost using the printing process. Matt/shiny effects are more apparent on relatively single-colour surfaces. Additional stronger-coloured contrasts between the matt and shiny surfaces tend to lose their visual appeal somewhat.

Hot-Foil Embossing

In hot-foil embossing, coloured or metallic pigments are applied to the cardboard using heat, pressure and an embossing die.
The metallic tones created – in particular gold and silver – produce a far more metallic effect than with other methods, e.g. offset printing.
Foil embossing can also be used to create stylish print finishes on open-pored fine cardboard.



Cardboard can be stylishly embossed by creating partial inward or outward indentations to some extent.
Embossing can be used to emphasize particular sections of a printed area or as a stand-alone technique (blind embossing).


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