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Reasonable prices with no tool costs thanks to standardized sizes.

  • Prices are ex-factory and exclusive of 19% VAT.
  • The minimum run size is 100 units.
  • Deliveries may deviate by up to 10% due to the nature of the production process.
  • Production occurs within approx. 12 working days  of receipt of clearance to print.
128 x 208 x 070 mm
GC2 cardboard 350 g/m²
unprinted (white) 4-color (CMYK) 24-color cardboard Guideline-Download
100 Pc. 2,29/Pc. 4,83/Pc. 2,29/Pc.
pdf VD-128-208-070.pdf

pdf VDS-128-208-070.pdf

200 Pc. 1,23/Pc. 2,50/Pc. 1,23/Pc.
300 Pc. 0,87/Pc. 1,74/Pc. 0,87/Pc.
400 Pc. 0,66/Pc. 1,32/Pc. 0,66/Pc.
500 Pc. 0,56/Pc. 1,09/Pc. 0,56/Pc.
1.000 Pc. 0,35/Pc. 0,63/Pc. 0,35/Pc.
2.000 Pc. 0,25/Pc. 0,40/Pc. 0,25/Pc.
3.000 Pc. 0,21/Pc. 0,33/Pc. 0,21/Pc.
4.000 Pc. 0,19/Pc. 0,29/Pc. 0,19/Pc.
5.000 Pc. 0,18/Pc. 0,26/Pc. 0,18/Pc.
210 x 328 x 090 mm
GC2 cardboard 400 g/m²
unprinted (white) 4-color (CMYK) 24-color cardboard Guideline-Download
100 Pc. 2,76/Pc. 6,74/Pc. 2,76/Pc. pdf VD-210-328-090.pdf

pdf VDS-210-328-090.pdf
200 Pc. 1,53/Pc.  €3,56/Pc. 1,53/Pc.
300 Pc. 1,09/Pc. 2,47/Pc. 1,09/Pc.
400 Pc. 0,89/Pc. 1,93/Pc. 0,89/Pc.
500 Pc. 0,77/Pc. 1,60/Pc. 0,77/Pc.
1.000 Pc. 0,51/Pc. 0,95/Pc. 0,51/Pc.
2.000 Pc. 0,39/Pc. 0,64/Pc. 0,39/Pc.
3.000 Pc. 0,34/Pc. 0,53/Pc. 0,34/Pc.
4.000 Pc. 0,32/Pc. 0,46/Pc. 0,32/Pc.
5.000 Pc. 0,30/Pc. 0,43/Pc. 0,30/Pc.
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