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Advice on folding boxes

Selecting a suitable packaging type

We only use high-quality solid board

The following questions need to be answered before a suitable packaging type can be selected:
  • What are the boxes to be used for?
  • How heavy are the planned box contents?
  • How large do the boxes need to be?
  • How should the box look, and what should it communicate?
Cardboard can essentially be divided into the following types:
Coated chromo duplex board (German abbreviation: GD2)
Cardboard with a high recycled paper content. The uppermost layer below the coating is wood-free white. The intermediate and lower layers are grey.

Coated chromo triplex board (German abbreviation: GT)
Three-ply cardboard with white-coated upper surface, grey intermediate layer and white rear surface.

Coated chromo board (German abbreviation: GC2)
High-quality virgin fiber board with a smooth white upper surface, high volume and good rigidity. The intermediate and rear layers are light in color.

Coated solid bleached board (English abbreviation: SBB, German abbreviation: GZ)
Wood-free cardboard characterized by high durability and a smooth white coating.
Its rear surface comes in coated and uncoated white formats.

The various cardboard types are available in a range of weights.
Weights are indicated in grams per square meter. As a general rule, the higher the weight per area, the sturdier the cardboard. Cardboards of the same weight (or “grammage”) may nevertheless exhibit highly differentiated properties. To give an example, coated chromo board is considerably thicker and more rigid than other cardboards of the same weight.

Cardboard thickness
230 g/m²
GD2: ca. 0,3 mm, GT: ca. 0,3 mm, GC2: ca. 0,35 mm, GZ: ca. 0,25 mm

250 g/m²

GD2: ca. 0,35 mm, GT: ca. 0,35 mm, GC2: ca. 0,4 mm, GZ: ca. 0,3 mm

300 g/m²
GD2: ca. 0,4 mm, GT: ca. 0,4 mm, GC2: ca. 0,5 mm, GZ: ca. 0,4 mm

350 g/m²
GD2: ca. 0,45 mm, GT: ca. 0,45 mm, GC2: ca. 0,6 mm, GZ: ca. 0,45 mm

400 g/m²
GD2: ca. 0,5 mm, GT: ca. 0,5 mm, GC2: ca. 0,7 mm, GZ: ca. 0,5 mm

Colourful Boxes

It is important to note that the quality of cardboards of the same type and weight can vary dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer. Customers are therefore well-advised to test a sample of each cardboard which comes into question prior to placing their order.
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