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Solid-board pull-on sleeves

The sleeve boxes, also called sliding boxes or slipcases, can be printed all around and are pushed over the contents for protection or as an information medium. The cardboard slipcases are either available open on both sides or can alternatively be closed on one side with an insertable bottom or flap.sleeve boxes

sleeve boxes are often used for:
books, cases, software, chewing gum, chocolate, coffee

A big advantage of the cardboard slipcase is that the packaging process is extremely fast.

The cardboard slipcases are delivered flat and are then simply folded up so that a 90° angle is applied to all 4 folding edges. These are then pushed over the contents or the inner packaging.

Usually the cardboard slipcases are constructed in such a way that they protrude on both sides approx. 1-2 mm above the insert. You are also welcome to send us your product by post, then we will adapt the slipcase exactly to your product and send you a sample made of original cardboard for testing. This should be checked carefully, as it often depends on a few tenths of a millimeter with slipcases, that these cannot be pushed down too easily but are not too heavy. We will of course actively support you with samples until the result meets your expectations.

Even if the design of the sliding box is relatively simple, we still recommend that you use the die-cut sketch as a template, which we will send to you by e-mail. We also provide you with a guide to the correct creation of the print data. Of course, we are also happy to support you by telephone.

The cardboard slipcases and book slipcases serve on the one hand to protect the product as well as a design element and information medium, as they can be printed all around on all 4 sides.

The slipcase is often used to individualise products that are already packed in a neutral outer packaging.

The slipcases can also be adapted exactly to the requirements of the product or the individual design ideas of the customer with punching or form punching on the top and bottom side. Foil windows can also be installed in the slipcase with hot foil stamping. However, it must be taken into account that at least 15 mm of cardboard edge is required around the window so that the window film can be glued.

To emphasize the value of your product, we have various finishes with which you can achieve shiny, metallic, velvety or three-dimensional effects. The possibilities here are very diverse. We are looking forward to your wishes and ideas on this topic.

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