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Tuck-in-flap-boxes Tuck-in flap boxes

The most frequently used folding cardboard box format. Reasonably priced, highly versatile and easy to fill.

Tuck-in flap boxes can be printed on all 6 of their visible sides. Tuck-in flap boxes
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Closing options for box bottoms


Tuck-in flap with locking slots

locking slots This design features a slot on each side of the front edge of the main flap. When the flap is closed these slots lock with the lateral dust flaps. This option represents an excellent compromise between esthetic appeal and functionality.

Tuck-in flap with friction lock

friction lock
The ideal choice when esthetic appeal is key. The tuck-in flap is “clamped” between the dust flaps and the front wall of the box, pulling the cover flap taut and creating a smooth, homogeneous front edge.  As friction lock systems are not the sturdiest option they are usually only suitable for box tops.

Tuck-in flap with locking tongue

locking tongue
This design functions in a similar way to the friction lock system, but offers increased sturdiness due to the presence of an additional locking tongue which fixes the main flap in place.

Interlocking box bottom

box bottom
This bottom type is both robust and stable. The flaps on each of its 4 sides are folded inwards, interlock and hold each other in place.

Automatic box bottoms

Automatic box bottoms
This closure method involves a glued joint and is therefore very sturdy. Filling is quick and easy, as the bottom of the box automatically moves into place when the box is folded out. As a result of the additional  set-up effort involved, automatic box bottoms are only worthwhile from a run of around 2,000 or more units.
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