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A holiday in a box – the Bavarian Forest holiday voucher

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Bayerwald Gutschein Verpackung

User report – Bavarian Forest Holiday Vouchers

A holiday in a box – the Bavarian Forest holiday voucher

When the contents deliver on the packaging promise

A special gift in an attractive box

In an era when people seem to have everything, present buying is not easy. But vouchers could be one solution. We are all familiar with the traditional types of voucher you can spend in well known stores, but vouchers for events or trips are also becoming increasingly popular. These are usually restricted to a single provider, however, which can greatly limit the recipient's options. This is one of the reasons why Siegfried Putz from the advertising agency Tourismus-Marketing Bayerischer Wald e.K. in Perlesreut came up with the idea of a voucher that would be valid for the entire Bavarian Forest region. One of its main benefits is that it is not limited to one provider. The Bavarian Forest voucher can be redeemed in over 200 hotels and guest houses in the Bavarian Forest, the Upper Palatinate Forest and the neighbouring Bohemian Forest.

So that the person giving the gift can hand over more than just a "piece of paper", as Siegfried Putz describes it, every coupon is supplied in a gift box produced by folding box manufacturer Ebro Color in Albstadt. The special cardboard packaging plays an important role in conveying the inherent value of the voucher. The curved pillow-box shape is particularly attractive and the printed photos depict some of the opportunities offered by the box's contents: a holiday, health and relaxation, and fun. These three ideas are printed (in German: Urlaub, Wellness, Genießen) in the centre of the high-quality cardboard box.

Bayerwald Gutschein Verpackung

The high quality pillow boxes from Ebro Color have transformed the Bavarian Forest holiday voucher into the perfect gift for any occasion. A gift that makes giving – and receiving – a pleasure.

One voucher – lots of options

Tourismus-Marketing Bayerischer Wald (Bavarian Forest Tourism Marketing) managed by Siegfried Putz has 10 employees who handle all the advertising for the hotels in the region. The agency looks after around 800 hotels in total and focuses on the hotels' websites and print advertising. Its Internet portal, which handles tourism marketing for the entire region, attracts about 2.5 million visitors annually.

The agency also produces a catalogue which contains advertising for over 200 hotels. These are the hotels at which the Bavarian Forest voucher can be used. As the voucher is only valid for hotels listed in the catalogue, it acts as an advertisement for the catalogue, by attracting visitors to the region, and even to a specific hotel, who might not have otherwise come. The benefit for those in possession of a voucher lies in the wide choice available to them. There is no urgency to redeem vouchers, because they have no expiry date. Tourismus-Marketing Bayerischer Wald also guarantees the security of all monies paid. As a result, both parties gain from this innovative regional concept. It has certainly been well received, bringing in business worth between 500 and 1,000 euros a day to the hotels who have registered.

The packaging matters

The packaging is the icing on the cake of the Bavarian Forest voucher. "Gift-givers could just as easily give cash, but our voucher is much more attractive because it comes in a box," says Siegfried Putz. When it comes down to it, his agency is indeed just selling "a piece of paper" in the form of a voucher. But the fact that the "piece of paper" comes in a box makes it a beautiful present that you can give with pride.
When Siegfried Putz was deciding on the packaging for his voucher, the most important criterion was that it had to be easy to post. After all, the vouchers are ordered mainly via the internet or by phone and then sent on to the customers. Folding boxes from Ebro Color are ideal for this purpose. They are sent flat-packed along with the voucher and catalogue and the customer can unfold them into shape when they arrive. Siegfried is keen to point out the practicality and simplicity of the cardboard boxes: "The idea is so simple that anyone can do it. That makes the folding boxes the ideal product for us."

The cardboard box supplied by Ebro Color meets the agency's two key requirements perfectly. First, it is extremely practical. And second, the pleasing combination of the curved shape and high quality printing make it an ideal gift box. The pillow boxes are made from virgin fibre-based board and measure 165 x 50 x 270 mm. The design is by the Tourismus-Marketing Bayerischer Wald.

To meet the need for visual versatility, a design was chosen that would be suitable for every occasion. Each carton has a bright yellow background dotted with lighting effects, all designed to create a sense of light and warmth. To create a happy holiday mood there are photos hanging from a clothes line showing some typical holiday moments: a relaxing body treatment, a successful shopping expedition and an enjoyable get-together over a cup of coffee. In the right-hand side of the box, a smiling woman in traditional Bavarian costume provides the connection to the region. The slogan "Urlaub – Wellness – Genießen" ("Holiday – Health and relaxation – Fun") in the middle of the box hints at its contents

A perfect combination: the versatile Bavarian Forest voucher meets a convenient folding box from Swabia

The folding box was introduced in August 2012 and has remained in the same format ever since. "It is just a great product. The box does the job perfectly. I have not even bothered to look for something better," says Siegfried Putz. "We're going to stick with it; it's just right for us."

The voucher in a box has also gone down very well with customers, too. "Some customers have been known to visit us to pick up a replacement if the box happens to get damaged in the post or elsewhere," says Siegfried Putz. The hotels are also very pleased with the product. Some have decided to distribute the vouchers in a box themselves. There are currently seven different overprints for the voucher boxes.

Siegfried Putz's idea is taking off. Thanks to the high quality gift boxes from Ebro Color, his "piece of paper" is now a unique and desirable gift that meets the individual needs of the recipient by offering them a wide range of options for the holiday of their choice.

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